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We strive to preserve your teeth for as long as possible. During the 35-years career as a dentist and owner of Beekmans Tandartsen, this has always been a very successful part of his strategy.
At Beekmans Tandartsen we do this by making restorations of such quality that they last a very long time. By not having to replace restorations or only after a very long period of time, we maintain the total condition of the teeth. Teeth and molars are not made to be repaired frequently.

The nerve is a very vulnerable part of the tooth. If there is a hole in the tooth and drilling is necessary, it is already a major trauma to the nerve. This can cause the nerve to die (often very painful) and the tooth will become inflamed. Then bacteria enter the tooth and in severe cases an inflammation of the jaw can occur. In addition, a tooth or molar becomes weaker. Due to the absence of the nerve and blood vessels, the nourishment from the inside is gone. It is therefore very important not to irritate a tooth too often by making a filling. A restoration must be durable! That is why we have a dental laboratory in our own practice, so that we can offer you top quality.

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