Bleaching (at home)

According to an article in de Volkskrant, tooth whitening at home is popular.

“Very understandable,” says dentist and associate professor of dentistry Joost Roeters in the Volkskrant, “because bleaching at home with a custom tray the most effective, also in the long term”.

Roeters is surprised in the Volkskrant about the fact that bleach clinics attract so many customers. “Bleaching at home is cheaper. But yes, there is a lot of comments in the market. When working with a laser, people think that this is the best. I always invite clinics to come up with studies that show that their method is better. But I’ve never seen one. Yes, sometimes they send their leaflets. But that’s not science.”

You can read the full report on the website of the Volkskrant. And if you want to know more about bleaching at home and which products we recommend, please call us at 035-5382166.

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