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Not all dental materials are harmless…
After 35 years of dental practice, it is all too clear that not all dental materials are harmless.

After pain, irritations and hypersensitivity are common. Antibiotics and some other medications are very useful when necessary but also cause side effects in the body that do not occur when using biological alternatives. The use of vitamins and other food supplements have a very positive effect and cause no side effects.

Throughout his career, practice owner Hans Beekmans has always worked hard to find materials that are the least harmful to the patient. He even sees this as one of the most important lessons of his career.

After all, teeth are part of the body and do not stand alone.
Developments in this field do not stand still and we follow them closely so that we can always offer state-of-the-art materials.

Some of the details that make our practice different:

  • most of the materials we use are natural and toxin free;
  • we do not use amalgam or any other materials which contain mercury;
  • we also use the minimum amount of composites, given that they can also be toxic;
  • we encourage you not to use fluoride-based toothpastes. They do prevent tooth decay, but they are poisonous to the body
  • in certain circumstances we advise the use of vitamins if it seems that there is not enough in your diet

We look at health as a whole (holistic) and therefore also at the interaction between teeth and organs.
Dental health is an integral part of the body. Teeth are living tissue and are inextricably linked to the rest of the body and organs through the blood, lymphatic system and nervous system. This strong connection means that disturbances in the teeth sooner or later also lead to disturbances in the rest of the body.

Different than usual:

  • Most materials are natural and toxin free;
  • We do not use amalgam or other materials containing mercury;
  • We use as little composite as possible for the molars, since composite can also be toxic;
  • We encourage not to use fluoride; it does indeed work against caries but it is toxic to the body.

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