Pain and emergencies

Knocked out tooth (sport, accident)
Broken tooth (sport, accident)
Haemorrhage (after extraction of a tooth or molar, or after surgery)

You should call the dentist or dental surgeon immediately. Make sure you get to the dentist or dental surgeon as soon as possible (within half an hour).
After practice hours, call the dental mediation office, they are always available.
Dental mediation office: 020-3034500

Attention! Do not use aspirine, chefarine 4, Ascal or similar (with ascorbic acid) painkillers because they cause ‘after bleeding’.

Preferably take a natural painkiller such as Bluem oral gel. This gel is available through the practice, the complete product line can be found on the website: Other natural painkillers are Kamillosan, saltwater rinses or cold compresses. In case of severe pain you can use paracetamol or, in case of more severe pain, ibuprofen.

In case of a loose tooth: put the tooth back in the mouth where it came from (it doesn’t matter if you put it back the other way around!) Don’t wipe the tooth clean and don’t put it in bleach or milk at all. The only acceptable way to clean the tooth is to lick it, liquids other than saliva can permanently damage the surface of the tooth.

In less urgent emergencies, such as a thick cheek, thick jaw or toothache, call the dentist as soon as possible. If possible, take a natural painkiller as described above.


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