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Our goal is to work together with the patient to ensure that your teeth remain in as good condition, with as few problems, for as long as possible. Hans feels that this is one of the most important achievements from his 35+ year career as a dentist. First prevention, and then accurate and thorough maintenance and repair.

In our practice, we do this by creating restorations of a quality which will endure. This reduces the need to replace teeth for a very long time, enabling us to maintain their overall condition. Teeth were never made for frequent repair.

The nerve is a very fragile part of the tooth. If a hole develops and has to be drilled, that is already a major trauma to the nerve. It may die (often very painful) and the tooth become infected. Bacteria may enter, which in severe cases may lead to an abcess. Additionally, the tooth may weaken because of the absence of the nerve and blood vessels which feed it.

This is why it is important not to irritate a tooth by filling it frequently. Repairs must be made to last, and for this reason we have our own laboratory at the practice, enabling us to offer you world class repairs.

Dental laboratory.
We are proud of having a world class ceramic specialist in our lab. Working at a microscopic level, he produces the most natural looking and longest lasting repairs. The goal is for you to have teeth which look beautiful and natural.

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