A facing is a shield made of porcelain or composite that is placed on the tooth. In this way, the shape and/or colour of a tooth becomes more beautiful.
A facing is usually made to embellish the teeth. A veneer allows the dentist to fill a gap between the teeth, repair broken corners, whiten discoloured teeth and hide skewed teeth.

A facing can be in composite. During one appointment, the tooth is built up layer by layer in the desired shape.
A facing can also be made in porcelain. This is made in cooperation with our dental laboratory. This requires at least two visits to the dentist. The first for preparation and printing. Then the dental technician will determine the colour. After three weeks the shield is ready and will be placed by the dentist.

A third possibility is the non-prep facing. In this case, nothing will be removed from the tooth. Only a very thin porcelain shield will be placed over the tooth. Through this aesthetic treatment, shape and colour of the teeth are adjusted. It is a very beautiful and tooth saving way of working.

The advantage of porcelain over composite is its durability. Composite can crumble after a while.

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