Esthetic treatments

  • Composite fillings
  • Ceramic restorations: crowns / inlays / onlays / facings
  • Non prep facings


What is the difference between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry?

At first glance, there seems little difference between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.
Still, there is a big difference if you take a closer look. Cosmetic dentistry assumes a beautification of the teeth to make them look better, so that they are whiter or straighter. Unfortunately, this vision often ignores the health of the teeth and the preservation of the teeth. It can be decided to grind off cool teeth enamel, just to straighten them and stick a white shield on them.

Aesthetic dentistry looks at the preservation of the natural teeth. For example, braces will be used sooner to straighten the teeth and then bleach them. In such a way that the teeth retain their own beauty, are not damaged and therefore remain vital and strong for a long time.

The aesthetic dentistry has its own ethics, where cosmetic dentistry is more camouflaging and less based on the preservation of teeth.

After an aesthetic treatment you have beautiful teeth which look natural and are strong due to the contribution of the quality of the restorations. While cosmetic dentistry as an end product has beautiful, white, straight teeth to look at but which may still have crooked and brown teeth underneath – partly or completely -abraded.
That is why Beekmans Dentists prefers aesthetic dentistry.

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