Sabine Vrijhof – working student

My name is Sabine Vrijhof and I am 24 years old. After four years of studying medicine, I decided to make my biggest dream come true; to become a dentist! So in 2019 I started studying Dentistry at ACTA. Since January 2020 I work at Beekmans Tandartsen in Laren as a dental assistant (and soon as a prevention assistant). I am having a great time here. My colleagues in the practice are an example for me. Everyone is there for each other and helps someone else where necessary. In addition, the way I treat patients inspires me; time is taken here for patients and together with the patient I look for the best treatment. This is how I want to treat my patients later on. With his enormous love and passion for the profession, Hans Beekmans makes working in his practice a great and inspiring learning experience for me. I am grateful that I am allowed to work here.

Beekmans Dental Practice